Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chris Calvin

This week's post is on my personal trainer Chris Calvin. He is the man responsible for getting me in shape. As you can tell from the picture he can be pretty entertaining! He is what you would call maybe a man-whore. He seems to have a new girlfriend every week. Must be a hazard of the job as a personal trainer. He is always giving me tips on dating and what not. He wants me to buy a book called, "Why men marry Bitches". I don't why I need to be a b**** to find a guy but who knows, men are stupid (at least the ones I have to deal with). Well it has been a good time getting to know him and is good to have as a friend. He will soon be my neighbor too in my new apartment complex!
PS: I ran another 5k this week and completed it in 31 minutes which is 6 minutes faster then the last one! I think have runner's knee though and will be purchasing a knee brace to help when I run.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I love my mom!

I love my mom for so many reasons. I love my mom because she makes laugh even if it is at her own expense. I love my mom because she is forgiving even when I have hurt her she still loves me. I love my mom because she made me great chocolate chip cookies growing up. I love my mom because she enjoys the same television shows I do. I love my mom because she is always willing to help in time of need. I love my mom because she loves her family. I love my mom for driving me where I needed to be. I love my mom for her strong testimony. I love my mom for her strong example in serving in the church. I love that she has 6 kids aging from 31 to 8. I love my mom because she is great example of how to be a grandma. I love my mom because she keeps herself young. And today on this Mother's day, I love my mom because she made it a point to give me a Mother's day present. I may not have my own children but recognizes that I am a mother in other ways. This meant so much to me because on holiday's like this I tend to feel left out. I hope someday that I am able to be a good mother to my children like my mom has been to me but if I don't get this opportunity I will do my best to be a mother to my brothers and nieces and nephews!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco De Mayo 5k

To celebrate Cinco De Mayo my friend Heidi and I decided to run the Highlands Ranch Cinco De Mayo 5k. We are running the Bolder Boulder 10k Memorial Day weekend and we wanted to get in a prep race. Now for those who don't know me that well, I have never been the biggest fan of running like my sister Lindsay. I just have never enjoyed it but I know it is good for me so I am trying to make it a new hobby. I have gotten better at it and am starting to enjoy it! In fact I ran the entire 3.1 miles which is huge for me. Now I just need to start going a bit faster because I was running like 11.5 minute miles. Nevertheless, I didn't stop to walk. We also had our names announced when we finished. I felt kind of like Lindsay at her marathon but I didn't run 26 miles only 3. After the 10k I run the end of this month I will decide if I can run the half marathon with the Smith's!!! We shall see!