Friday, October 19, 2007

I am furious....

Sorry this is going to be quick but I just have to get it out because I was so irritated watching Grey's Anatomy last night. Who tells McDreamy that they are not ready for marriage and kids and all of that after his little speech. I hope Meredith loses him. That is all I am going to say but I am pretty mad. Probably because this goes a lot deeper then tv but come on.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a Way to Finish My 28th Year of Life!!!

So last May Lindsay encouraged me to run the Denver Half Marathon with her. At the time I was a bit hesitant but after running a couple of small races I decided I could do it! So this morning, October 14th 2007, we woke up on a very rainy and cold day in Denver to run 13.1 miles. Crazy, I know!! In the beginning of training for this race I was really into it and excited. By the end of training I kind of fell off the wagon and two weeks ago I had a really bad 10 mile run and haven't run since til the day of the race. So needless to say I was a little worried that I would not be able to do it. I had very low expectations and told my family to have very low expectations. However, I decided I was going to do all I could to run the entire race and finish in a good time!!! To my surprise I did both of those things. I didn't stop to walk unless I was drinking at a gatorade station and I finished in two hours and thirty two minutes. I was so happy that I accomplished this and so grateful to Lindsay for pushing me to do this!! Athletically this is the biggest accomplishment I have ever had and am so happy about it. I was soaking wet and cold but it was awesome!!! I would definitely do it again. It was a great way to end my 28th year of life since my birthday is tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Baby - An Acura TSX

So I have been admiring the Acura TSX for some time now. I wasn't really serious about selling my car but I was fed up with it with all the accidents and bad luck. I know, I know not the cars fault but still was frustrated. During lunch at work I jokingly told my co-worker Ben that he could buy my car. He was looking for an Accord for his wife. Not thinking much of it I just let it go. A couple days later he emailed me and said "Are you serious about selling your car?" and I said "Are you serious about buying it?" He took it for a couple of test drives and was sold. In the meantime I started looking for my dream car (for now anyways). I found one at the same dealership that I bought my honda from. They are great to deal with. So I test drove a couple of them they had and picked the 2006 Acura TSX. I made the deal final on Saturday with the Honda and purchased the Acura Monday!!! Some may think I am really spoiled and I am frankly but my friend Sharalyn were talking and decided we don't have the important things to love in our lives like husbands and children so it is fun to buy the unimportant things to love. We realize we may not get these things when the important things come along but it is nice for now!

There are a few simple rules to my car:

1. I cannot park the car in front of any Subway.
2. Matt Lindstrom and other friends cannot drive it (family can)
3. Don't drive behind moving trucks (I got rear ended while being at a stoplight behind a move a truck.

So there you have it!