Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Peyton Lola Thompson

Our baby girl finally arrived from heaven on August 24th, 2011. I went to the hospital the evening of the 22nd to be induced. They gave me a drug to get my body ready that evening and the next morning they started me on pitocin to get the labor started. I had steady contractions all day but I was not progressing at all. The doctor finally came in about 5:30 that evening and broke my water. That is when the fun really started! The contractions became way more intense and painful and not to long after I was at a 4 and after a couple of more hours a 9! At about 8pm I finally got my epidural and man those drugs are sent straight from heaven! I began pushing at a little after 1am on the 24th and Peyton Lola Thompson arrived at 2:58am! It was so amazing to see her after carrying her for 9 months. They laid her on my stomach and she was looking right at me. It will always be a very special memory for me!

Daddy was pretty excited to see her!

The new family!

Peyton our beautiful daughter!

We are getting used to each other now and Phil and I are loving every moment with her! We have a ton of pictures from her first bath to all the visitors that have come to see her so I will updating the blog again soon!