Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fun October Weekend!!

So my birthday weekend Lindsay and Julie decided to come to Denver to visit during the kids fall break! TJ and Colton also decided to come just a day later! As usual we had many events we wanted to do!
On Friday, we headed to Taylor's Cross Country meet to cheer him on! It is amazing how fast he is! I wish I could run 3.1 miles in 20 minutes but I hit about 30 minutes!

It was fun to see him do so well and that we could all be there to celebrate!

Afterwards for a yummy birthday dinner we headed to my favorite mexican restaurant for my birthday dinner! It was so nice to have so many people there for my 32nd birthday!! Phil bought us yummy cupcakes to have for my birthday dessert!
Saturday we headed to Josh's football game! While they lost the game it was fun to be there cheering him on together!!
Sunday Lindsay, Julie, Phil, Taylor, Justin (Phil's good friend) and Lou Lou headed downtown for the Denver RocknRoll marathon!! Phil and Justin were both running their first half marathon! Lindsay, Julie, Taylor and I made up an awesome relay team!! Lou Lou was our driver and did a great job for us! Phil did an awesome job and finished in 2 hours 7 minutes! We are pumped to try to run a marathon in Utah in June!! Our relay team kicked butt too all doing well on our runs!!
It was a fabulous weekend and had so much fun with everyone!

Phil Turns 31!!

Phil turned 31 on September 22, 2010!! We enjoyed a nice dinner out at Texas Roadhouse and we purchased a lovely piece of cake at Safeway to celebrate!! A couple of week's later I did make a homemade German Chocolate cake and we had the Brinkerhoff's and Kylie and Angie Thompson to blow out candles! Hope you have a great year Phil!


So on the unfortunate side of life, I have had to say far too many goodbyes the last couple of months for my liking! First, the Smith's left to move to Utah for Colton's new job! That was very tough as we had loved have them and their little girls so close by!! We miss them all the time!
Than my friend Sharalyn got a great job in Los Angeles and headed that direction the end of September! For the past 4 years Sharalyn, Jeff and I had gotten together on almost every Thursday to watch The Office and Grey's Anatomy and to meet up with each other! It was the end of an era to have her leave and thus our "Finer Things Club" has ended. All good things must come to end I suppose! Here is a picture of the FTC at Sharalyn's goodbye party!

Grandpa Wilson's 90th Birthday

After our fun trip to Disneyland we came home for a few days and than headed to Utah! Grandpa Elgie Wilson was celebrating his 90th birthday and we wanted to be there for the big party!
We arrived late on a Thursday and went and stayed at Lindsay and Colton's so we could see the Smith's and Brinkerhoff's on Friday! It was fun to see the cute kiddos and have Football eve by watching "Remember the Titans" in the new movie room at the Brinkerhoff's!!
Saturday we headed up to Roy, Utah to visit with the Wilson side of the family. We met up with Michelle at Mama Thompson's grave and than headed for a yummy lunch! It was quite the big crew with all of the kids but it was fun to visit and spend time with them! We than headed over to the church gym to see if we could help with anything! It was fun to see all of the old photos and Army uniform of Grandpa's. It was also fun to meet new family members and get to know them. Grandma Lola also gave a really nice gift of a beautiful photo of Sharon before she got married!
After the fun party, we headed back to the Wilson home to ride horses with Diane and Leon! It was such a good time to be there and learn so much about them!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Disneyland 2010!!

This August Phil and I decided to take a trip to southern California to visit Matt, Erin and Daniel and to also visit Disneyland!! Phil in all of his 30 years had never been to Disneyland so we thought it was time!

I went out a few days earlier than Phil to spend some much needed time relaxing before the big days of Disneyland!! I had a great time watching tv and eating!! I probably a little too much too eat since I am still trying to get rid of 5 pounds I gained! Poor Erin had a gall bladder attack but I got the opportunity to spend quality time with Daniel my first night there!! Daniel was so fun and would yell "ALI" really loud if I was not in sight!! The boy is always running and it sooo cute. I love his big brown eyes!!

Phil showed up on Wednesday to begin the Disneyland fun on Thursday! I was afraid that he would think it was lame but he loved all of it! We spent Thursday on the rides that Daniel could go on, even going on the Small World ride which is one of Matt's favorites. The lines were great, we only had to wait the longest may 30 minutes...we only fast passed one ride!! It is the happiest place on Earth and we hope to run the 1/2 marathon there September 2011!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


My family suggested I use this blog as more of a journal so I am going to start with that approach today!! This summer has been fairly uneventful, no big vacations or anything but Phil and I have enjoyed the weather and got our first grill which we we use quite frequently!
Although we have not gone on any trips yet I have made two visits to Texas for work. The first was to Dallas in June to visit American Airlines and today I did a day trip to Houston to visit Texas Children's Hospital. I am sure Texas is a great place if I got a chance to see it but I see the airports go visit a client and head back to the airport. I do know that I don't love the humidity. It is like walking into a wall when you go outside and even when you are inside everything feels damp. I guess I am a little to used the dry heat of Denver!
Today started out at 3am and I was back at 4pm Denver time. I didn't really need to be at a meeting in Houston but it always nice to meet face to face with your new clients! I sometimes go on these trips or have important meetings at work and I wonder how did I become a responsible adult who has to go out and impress clients. I am grateful for the job I have and all the opportunities it provides but sometimes wish I could spend the summer by the pool!!
I am hoping for more exciting travels in August to California and Utah to see family!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our 2010 Garden

This past Wednesday we decided it was time to plant our garden for 2010!! Last year we had great success with the tomatoes and cucumbers!! Here is a picture from last year with proud Phil by his garden!!

This year we decided that we would plant tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions!! We also decided to put flowers in the planters on our back deck!! It makes me smile to look outside and see the beautiful flowers!! We are hoping to find a deal on a good grill this memorial day so we can spend quality time outside on the deck!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hawaii Honeymoon

We only had to wait 4 months or more like 9 months but we finally got to go on our Hawaiian honeymoon in Maui!! It was awesome:) We were a bit worried that we wouldn't be able to go due to the supposed tsunami that was coming but all went well and we left for Maui on Feb 28th. We used my parent's timeshare at the Marriott Beach Club which are very grateful for!! It was raining the day we arrived but after that low 80's and although it was a bit windy, it was perfect!! A few of the highlights:

1. Laying at the pool reading a book
2. Ordering lava flows and nachos by the pool
3. Traveling to the volcano on Maui
4. Laying at the pool reading a book
5. Eating at lots of yummy restaurants
7. Going to a luau
9. More time laying at the pool reading

We both needed a vacation after a very long 2009!!! We had so much fun and besides relaxing our favorite thing was whale watching!! A mama and baby whale swam right under our boat:) We also tried to keep our workout alive by running. I only did it once but Phil went running 3 times! Good job Phil!!

We talked about moving there but decided that the novelty would wear off and we would still have to work even if we lived there so decided to keep it as a vacation stop!! Next time we would like to spend a week on Oahu!! I know I take a terribly long time posting so sorry! I need to be like Julie and Lindsay and just write about random things!!

Our next goals are to start training for half marathons we want to run this summer!!