Sunday, December 06, 2009

We Got Married!!!

Phil and I finally got married on October 23, 2009 in the Draper LDS Temple. After a few months getting to know each other again and working on our relationship, we decided in August that we were ready to get married. We kept it a small affair with family at the temple and luncheon. It was a beautiful fall day (a little windy which caused some hair problems for guests) but overall a gorgeous day!! We are very blessed to have wonderful families who have supported us through these past few months and were able to join us in the temple!! We are grateful each day for the blessing of the Gospel in our lives and for the opportunity we had to be sealed in the temple. Below our some of my favorite pictures of the big day!!

We have enjoyed being married the past 6 weeks and enjoyed our first Thanksgiving together married:) There have been some adjustments on figuring out what the other person likes and is used to (for instance what type of spaghetti sauce Phil prefers) or what type of Thanksgiving dinners we are used to! We are also enjoying getting ready for Christmas. I will have Phil post our pictures of putting the tree up!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Golden Leaf Half Marathon

So believe me I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything and I know a lot of people probably don't check my blog anymore but I thought I should share my most recent news and hopefully get back on track to posting more!!
Two months ago my friend Sharalyn told me she was running a half marathon in Aspen the end of September. I thought it sounded like fun so I signed up to do it as well because I had been wanting to another half marathon. I convinced my sister Lindsay to do it with me and began training! Due to an injury Sharalyn was unable to participate.
So this past Saturday, September 26th Lindsay and I were in Snowmass to begin our run to Aspen. Phil was there as moral support cheering us on!! We knew it was going to be a tough run from what we had been told and what we had read about it. Pretty much the first mile and half were straight uphill climbing 1500 feet!! Yikes. So pretty much you were hiking up because running was far too difficult!! From there you are on a single file rocky, muddy trail climbing up and down hills. It was extremely difficult. I knew when it took us about 40 minutes to finish 2 miles it was going to be a long morning. Well Lindsay and I did not have expectations of a good time and were trying to finish together so we would wait for each other at the drink stops because for safety reasons we wanted to make sure the other person was not rolling down the mountain or injured. Also it was good to have someone with you for support. So we finally got to mile 7 and from that point it did get easier and were able to get in more of a groove. I made it through the very difficult mountain terrain without falling so as luck would have it at mile 11 when the run was easier on flat terrain my shoelace got caught on a plant and I landed right on my knee!! It hurt real bad:) I got back up and continued running and a nice person let Lindsay know that I had biffed it so she came back to see me! Well we kept going and ended up finishing together!! Lindsay would have finished sooner but she was nice and held back to finish with me! Phil was waiting for us at the finish and was cheering us on but my nice self told him to shut up because I was bleeding and my lungs were on fire!! It was really great to finish and I am happy to have completed such a tough race but I won't be doing that race again!! I went to the first aid station to get cleaned up and then we headed out. You may think this is the end of the story but no. So we are driving along and all of the sudden I have a strong urge to vomit. I ask Phil to pull over and I get out but am unsucessful at throwing up. We then stopped to get Gatorade at a gas station and I throw up in a grocery bag. I get back in the car and we started heading to Glenwood Springs. During the drive I get a sudden urge to throw up again and I asked Lindsay for a bag but there was no stopping it and I threw up all over my car. I sat in my vomit until we got home and I showered and took a nap. Phil was very sweet and took care of me and cleaned out my car. I love him very much which is why I am going to marry him in 4 weeks!! Love you Phil!! For your viewing pleasure my souvenier from mile 11:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bridal Shower!!!

This past Saturday my friend Sharalyn and my sister Lindsay threw me a bridal shower. Naturally I picked one of the snowiest days of the year to have the shower!! Luckily I have really great friends and family who braved the weather to be there! Sharalyn had sent Phil an email asking him several questions and then I had to answer them to see how well I knew Phil!! I am pleased to say that I did pretty well!! At the beginning each of the guests had to write down one thing they would like to see me do or say at the shower. Little did they know that if I got the answer right they would have to do the deed they wrote down!! It turned out fun and they all got to learn more about Phil and I!!

Then on to the presents!! I got several items that Phil and I registered for and plenty of lingerie!!!!! Thanks for all the presents!! and thanks Julie for traveling the furthest to be there!!

Next Friday I have another shower with my co-workers!! and on a another note my fiance made it back to the states safely today after a year in Kuwait and I am very happy!! Thanks for all the love and prayers in his behalf!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My return to Colorado

On February 13th, 2009 after spending 24 hours 6 mins and 12 seconds traveling I, Phillip Thompson returned to the welcoming arms of my future wife Alison Brinkerhoff with a big sloppy kiss! We would have had pictures to show however, LOU-LOU was on the phone talking to Matt's Realtor about finding him a sweet crib so he would move from California back to Colorado. Therefore, you will have to settle for pictures at the baggage claim. So where would you go if you were in a 3rd world country for 9 months and you just came back to the free country and beautiful state of Colorado? One may say the mountains, or go home and change out of the green uniform. But I went to the best place in the United States CHIPOTLE!! Ali bought me lunch, a chicken burrito bowl, mmmm good stuff! WOW, that was the best lunch I have had since I kissed Ali good by in New York. Well anyway, Ali and I had a great Valentines day It was so special b/c that was our first holiday event we could spend together w/o being on skype. I had a great stay beside getting sick:( Ali was by my side the entire time doing everything she could to make me feel better. We were able to accomplish a lot of things for the wedding while I was home and best part was tasting some finger licking good cake, and registering for some sweet stuff. We were able to go to Red Rocks and have Meredith take some spectacular pictures. Well I have to finish packing b/c I am leaving Ali and the Family one more time but this time it will only be for 8 weeks and I will be back!

Ali's Version
Friday, February 13th was a great day!! I went to work anticipating the arrival of Phil that evening but got a surprise when Phil called and said he would be in at 11:30am!! I left work and arrived in plenty of time and LouAnne came because she wanted a good cry! It was fun to have her there even though her camera was dead and she was on the phone we he arrived off of the train!! Chipotle was tasty!!
It was a great Valentine's day weekend!! Matt and Erin came to meet Phil and Phil and I enjoyed celebrating the holiday together!!
We did a lot of fun things while we were together but the greatest moment for me was seeing Phil be ordained an Elder on February 22nd!! Another important step closer to us being sealed in the temple!
Registering for gifts was fun but overwhelming. Trying to pick color schemes, etc. is hard when you don't know where you will be living. We had a fun time though! We also bought Phil a wedding band, had engagement pictures taken, and discussed wedding invitations etc.!!
Phil also took great care of me over the past couple of weeks! He brought me lunch when I was at work and even took me to the nail salon for a couple of hours of pampering!!
I am glad that today was the last time we will have to say goodbye! In two months, Phil will be home and we can start our lives married together!!