Friday, October 14, 2011

Visitors at the Hospital!

This post is out of order but wanted to put in the pictures of Peyton with all of her visitors while she was in the hospital! She is a very loved little girl. Papa, LouLou, Uncle Taylor, Uncle Josh, and Grandma and Grandpa Thompson were all there after she was delivered. They had waited patiently in the waiting room for her arrival. Uncle Don (Phil's best friend) showed up to because he was on the night shift as a Police Officer in Douglas County. It was so great that they waited until the early hours of the morning to see her!

Grandma Cheryl


Silly Papa with his eyes closed!

Grandma Lou Lou

Notice Taylor's crazy hair from sleeping in the waiting room!

Uncle Don

After the birth, Peyton had many visitors come during the next two days to visit her! It was so fun to see everyone!

Uncle Steve and Cousin Kylie

Craig Hall

Aunt Angie

Aunt Patty

Cousin Skyler!

Great Uncle John

Uncle Josh and Grandma LouLou

My favorite roommate Amanda Locke and Melissa and Raluca from work also visited but I don't have pictures:) We are so blessed to have such great families and friends!

Bath Time!

Peyton is still a little unsure about bath time! She always get a look of concern when I put her in the water! Her facial expressions are so funny and she looks concerned quite often.
Her first bath was in the kitchen sink! I can't believe how little she was! She especially likes to have her hair combed during bath time!
I am looking forward to when she enjoys her baths and will splash and play with toys! Wait no, I am enjoying every minute with her and don't wish these days to go any faster! She will grow up soon enough! I just love her!