Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Little Princess!!

I am not a big Halloween fan but this year was great because I had a little one to dress up! When Peyton was only a couple of weeks old, we purchased a Cinderella dress for Peyton! It was 0-3 months and figured we would have no problem fitting her into it! Little did I know Peyton is a fast grower. Luckily for us the dress did fit it was just a little snug around the arms! We took her to see both sets of grandparents and we went trick or treating to our neighbors homes! I am looking forward to more fun Halloweens with our daughter!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trip to Utah

During my time off from work Phil and I decided it would be fun to go to Utah for the weekend and show off our little Peyton to family! We visited the Wilson's and Grandma Thompson up in Roy and spent time with the Smith's and Brinkerhoff's too! We had planned to stay only three days but than Phil had the brilliant idea that Peyton and I stay all week and he would pick us up the following weekend! It was a great trip except for the fact that I got a terrible cold. I got to see Jackson play two football games, went to Madison's school to be her special guest and saw Brooklyn and Reece at dance class! Here are some photos from the week!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Daddy's Girl

As suspected, Peyton has got her Daddy wrapped around her finger. He loves her to pieces! He reads to her and plays with her! He is always helpful with diaper changing and feedings too! He is such a big help and we love him for all he does!

Peyton and Daddy at the Train Show

LSU Fans!

Daddy Reading to Peyton!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Visitors at the Hospital!

This post is out of order but wanted to put in the pictures of Peyton with all of her visitors while she was in the hospital! She is a very loved little girl. Papa, LouLou, Uncle Taylor, Uncle Josh, and Grandma and Grandpa Thompson were all there after she was delivered. They had waited patiently in the waiting room for her arrival. Uncle Don (Phil's best friend) showed up to because he was on the night shift as a Police Officer in Douglas County. It was so great that they waited until the early hours of the morning to see her!

Grandma Cheryl


Silly Papa with his eyes closed!

Grandma Lou Lou

Notice Taylor's crazy hair from sleeping in the waiting room!

Uncle Don

After the birth, Peyton had many visitors come during the next two days to visit her! It was so fun to see everyone!

Uncle Steve and Cousin Kylie

Craig Hall

Aunt Angie

Aunt Patty

Cousin Skyler!

Great Uncle John

Uncle Josh and Grandma LouLou

My favorite roommate Amanda Locke and Melissa and Raluca from work also visited but I don't have pictures:) We are so blessed to have such great families and friends!

Bath Time!

Peyton is still a little unsure about bath time! She always get a look of concern when I put her in the water! Her facial expressions are so funny and she looks concerned quite often.
Her first bath was in the kitchen sink! I can't believe how little she was! She especially likes to have her hair combed during bath time!
I am looking forward to when she enjoys her baths and will splash and play with toys! Wait no, I am enjoying every minute with her and don't wish these days to go any faster! She will grow up soon enough! I just love her!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Peyton Lola Thompson

Our baby girl finally arrived from heaven on August 24th, 2011. I went to the hospital the evening of the 22nd to be induced. They gave me a drug to get my body ready that evening and the next morning they started me on pitocin to get the labor started. I had steady contractions all day but I was not progressing at all. The doctor finally came in about 5:30 that evening and broke my water. That is when the fun really started! The contractions became way more intense and painful and not to long after I was at a 4 and after a couple of more hours a 9! At about 8pm I finally got my epidural and man those drugs are sent straight from heaven! I began pushing at a little after 1am on the 24th and Peyton Lola Thompson arrived at 2:58am! It was so amazing to see her after carrying her for 9 months. They laid her on my stomach and she was looking right at me. It will always be a very special memory for me!

Daddy was pretty excited to see her!

The new family!

Peyton our beautiful daughter!

We are getting used to each other now and Phil and I are loving every moment with her! We have a ton of pictures from her first bath to all the visitors that have come to see her so I will updating the blog again soon!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Waiting Game

It is now August and I am 37 1/2 weeks our baby girl could come anytime! The nursery is ready the house is clean on most days, work is pretty much handled if I can't make it in anymore and now we wait!! Part of me really wants her to come and the other part tells me I should just enjoy this time and she will be here soon!
I am pretty uncomfortable because she has dropped and in the birthing position and I get pretty fatigued everyday but nothing too major to complain about! The only other problem is I don't have much of any appetite, I think I have eaten cereal for dinner the last three nights.
Overall it has been a good pregnancy! Can't wait to see this little one and see if she has hair, whose eyes she has, etc. She will be beautiful no matter what!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Baby Nursery!!

We have been greatly anticipating this baby girl for some time but now it is time to get everything in order for the big day! We have been slowly cleaning out the guest room so it could become a nursery!

We purchased a crib, diaper table and glider and finished setting it all up in June. We still had a few things to take care of and we kept trying but we couldn't get it done!

Than I had a fabulous shower thrown by my sisters Lindsay, Julie and Erin on July 6th and got more baby stuff that we needed to find a home for! This past weekend I also went shopping to picke up some remaining items!

Phil and I kept meaning to work on the room each evening but we had other things we had to take care of first. So on Wednesday I came home for lunch and again we discussed that we wanted to get the room finished! To my surprise when I got home from work Phil had completely taken care of the room! He had even put the bedding in the crib and put things on the changing table and cleaned it. It was the best present ever! I love walking by and looking at it and am very excited to have a baby who lives in that room! Thank you so much Phil!! I love you!

The little outfit in the crib is what we plan on bringing her home in with a cute little yellow bow that I got from Erin at my shower!

I am also planning to get butterfly decals to decorate the walls with this weekend!!

Utah Valley Marathon

Last October when Lindsay, Julie, Phil and I were running the Denver relay and Denver half marathon we decided to run the Utah Valley Marathon after seeing a booth at the Denver race expo. I signed Phil and I up for the full marathon as an anniversary present. Julie and Lindsay followed by signing up shortly thereafter. Phil and I knew I might not be able to run it if I got pregnant but knew I could defer my registration to 2012 if needed. We were right, I was pregnant by December and the race was out for me.

In February, Phil started out on his marathon training! There were many ups and downs and it was harder because he didn't have me or his friend Justin as a running buddy. Fortunately, Phil and Uncle John were able to get a few long runs into together! Phil was really discouraged towards the end of training and didn't feel like he was doing very well but after some motivation from Julie and I he was determined to do the race!!

We arrived in Utah on Friday afternoon and had a yummy carb-loading dinner with Julie, Lindsay, Adam, John and some of Lindsay and Julie's friends who were also running the race to get prepared!

They all spent the night at the Marriott and woke up very early to head up the mountain for the race.

The support team headed over to the race around 8:30 to make sure we were there in time for the big finish. We just didn't know who would finish first and how fast so we were there in plenty of time! We enjoyed watching all the runners come in and had much anticipation waiting for our runners! First Adam came in at about 4 hours. He did a great job!

Than we waited a bit more and suddenly I got a text from Marilee saying the Julie's dad had seen Phil and was headed to the finish! He finished just under 5 hours official time. I was so proud of him!! John finished about 2 minutes after that and than Julie and than Lindsay finished it out! They were all fairly close together! We were concerned about Lindsay because Julie said she had a foot issue possibly a stress fracture:( but she finished like a trooper!

I was so proud of all of them and am excited to get to try it out next year! It will be motivation to get back in shape after the baby comes!

Here are some pictures to enjoy!