Saturday, June 14, 2008

New York and The Proposal

Phil and I had a fabulous time in New York together! Four fun filled days together was awesome and too short!! We met up Sunday night at the LaGuardia airport and headed to the Marriott in Times Square. We grabbed dinner and went to sleep because we had so much to do and see. Of course we visited New York during a heat wave. I was a sweating pig with frizzy hair but Phil said I still looked good. As quoted from the movie Juno he still thought "the sun shined out my butt." despite what I looked like.

We hit many tourist spots such as NBC Studios, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, Central Park, and the Empire State Building. As for the important business.....Phil did propose on Monday night of the trip. We first had dinner at the revolving restaurant in the Marriott Marquis Hotel. It was delicious and beautiful!! After that we headed for Central Park for a carriage ride. However, it was too hot for the horses to be out so we went for a walk in the park. We were on a bridge and had some people take our picture. While I was putting the camera in my purse, Phil got down on one knee and proposed. Of course I said yes!!! It was very sweet and exciting! He picked out a beautiful ring and love him so much and cannot wait until we are married next year in the Manti temple!

Phil will be shipped overseas soon and will miss him terribly. I love him so much and am grateful for the short time we had together this past week!!!

Phil's Month at Fort Dix

Phil gave me his pictures from his month of training at Fort Dix. I have put this video together from his goodbye party to right before we went to New York! You will see pictures of random people too but they are buddies he is training with!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Final update from Fort Dix, New Jersey

Hello everyone so I have been here at Fort Dix for a month now and I miss Ali very much! As the seconds turn into minutes and the minutes turn into hours and the hours have turn into days and the days have turned into weeks and NOW we have been apart for a month and I miss her and love her very very much!!!!!! Well our group has finally completed the required training, which will allow us to deploy. I am very happy to be done with this part of my deployment/training. However, we did get to train with some high speed group of guys from the FBI SWAT team and SPECIAL FORCES I think that was the best two days out of the entire month we have been here. Also, while we were at the F.O.B. (Forward Operating Base) Which is just a fancy word the Army likes to use for sleeping in a big green tent, the combat life savers had to stick 3 different people with IV’s I being one of them was able to stick 3 different people on the 1st try! unlike my buddies who took several tries to hit the vain. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice my arm to an unsuccessful stick, but I did get a sweet looking bruise on my arm from it. Anyway, last weekend we went to the air show it was sweet!!! It was really nice to get away for a couple hours to see the Thunderbirds and watch someone else work. Well I am in the process of compiling a slideshow of all the pictures that I have taken in the last month but in the mean time here is a couple of photos. (I am waiting for Ali to come to New York to help me out with putting the slideshow together). Well my next military update will be from Kuwait!!!! I am so excited everyday that I wake up is a day closer to coming back home!!! I love you Alison ☺

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Crazy Week!

This week was kind of crazy for me at work. I normally get to go to my office and sit and answer emails and phone calls but this week I was asked to come to a sales presentation with a prospective client so they could meet me and know who would be there account manager if they chose us. I hate doing presentations and stuff because frankly I am not a salesman. I leave that up to my brother TJ. However, I do surprise myself and can be smart and confident when needed. I was with our VP over sales and he said I did a great job!! Always nice to hear!
The meeting was in Columbus, Ohio so I had to do a lot of traveling for a short meeting. However, I did get to see the Ohio State campus and ate at the "Buckeyes Hall of Fame Cafe". It was fun! I was also only about 6 hours away from Phil:) We were in the same time zone for a short time. Close yet so far!!
Speaking of Phil, I am one week away from seeing him!!! I love and miss him so much!