Monday, January 28, 2008

A Letter to Me

So this one was kind of hard for me and brought up some emotions and what not but this is what I would write myself at 17.

1. You can run more than a mile so start running now, you will enjoy it.
2. Treat your sister well, there will be a day that you may think you might lose her too soon.
3. Don't waste your time in college. You won't find your husband there so move on and start your career.
4. Take tennis lessons, you love the sport.
5. You will have to face very hard emotional situations(watching your little brother and sister get married)but there is still a place for you in your family. You will love being an Aunt!!
6. People think you are funny and witty, stop being so shy.
7. You are beautiful so start acting like it.

That is all for me!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Katie Bridal Shower, Wedding and Christmas!!!

Lots of good times were had this season!! I was able to throw a bridal shower and attend a wedding for one of my best friends Katie!! It was so fun to be at the sealing and to see such good friends get married:) Now I have TJ and Julie and Katie and Bryce to visit in Utah!! I am excited to visit you both in June if not sooner!!
Christmas was also a great time! It was so nice to have all of my siblings home with their kids!! I wish I hadn't been so tied up at work so I could have participated in more fun but duty calls and I have to pay rent!! I loved the guitar hero playing and I really loved having my Brae Brae (Brady) around! I love how much he loves me!! I also enjoyed my niece spend the night with Natalie and Madison! I love being the cool aunt who can spoil!! My family is the greatest!!