Monday, July 30, 2007

Snow Patrol

For my Monday night activity I went to see Snow Patrol at Red Rocks. I am not familiar with all of their songs but enjoy the song "Chasing Cars" which I am sure most of you have heard. It reminds me of when Denny died on Grey's Anatomy and Izzie is on the bed with the dead body. It was a great time and what can beat Red Rocks in the summer!! Enjoy the video!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back to the Future!

So this week for FHE our branch went to Red Rocks to see "Back to the Future". In fact I usually don't go to activities anymore but Brandon (non-member friend) wanted to go and so I thought he should be around my friends and see that we are normal. Well we got there after a lovely dinner at Monterrey House and it decided to start raining so we sat in the car for a long time (hence the picture below from boredom). We finally braved the rain and it did stop in time for the movie. Katie had never seen the movie before and loved it. In fact we have now watched the 2nd movie and will see the 3rd shortly so she gets the whole story. I haven't seen the movies in a long time so it has been a treat. I also went and saw Hairspray tonight. Sometimes I wish I grew up in a time when people actually danced. Not the lame stuff we do these days. I think it would be fun to take a dance class. I may have to look into that!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lots of Fun Things!!

So this summer has been a lot of fun and the last two weeks have been pretty eventful! First, I moved apartments to get cheaper rent. On that same day Katie and I went up to the Greeley Stampede to see Brad Paisley. He is a great country singer we like. Our favorite songs were "Ticks" and "She's Everything". Concerts are fun but we were both pretty tired (me from moving and Katie because she went to Water World with Bryce). For those who know Katie, she is going to be engaged soon to Bryce and is moving to Utah to be the wife of a BYU student. I am sad she is leaving but know that her and Bryce are meant to be!!
This past weekend I went to Water World with the fam. It was a good time and we got Josh to go on a few cool rides. You are never to old for Water World!
I have seen several movies recently. I saw Transformers, License to Wed, and Ocean's Thirteen. I won't mention the rated "R" one I saw because it was awful and know that I need to have better judgement in that regard.
Fourth of July was great and started off with the Independence Day 11k. John and a couple of friends joined me. However, the course was not well marked and I missed running a whole mile. Oh well, 6 miles in 80 degree weather is still an accomplishment. John beat me but maybe I will catch him in the half marathon :) So here is a montage of my fun summer thus far!!