Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Katie Bridal Shower, Wedding and Christmas!!!

Lots of good times were had this season!! I was able to throw a bridal shower and attend a wedding for one of my best friends Katie!! It was so fun to be at the sealing and to see such good friends get married:) Now I have TJ and Julie and Katie and Bryce to visit in Utah!! I am excited to visit you both in June if not sooner!!
Christmas was also a great time! It was so nice to have all of my siblings home with their kids!! I wish I hadn't been so tied up at work so I could have participated in more fun but duty calls and I have to pay rent!! I loved the guitar hero playing and I really loved having my Brae Brae (Brady) around! I love how much he loves me!! I also enjoyed my niece spend the night with Natalie and Madison! I love being the cool aunt who can spoil!! My family is the greatest!!


Lindsay said...

Very lovely! I enjoyed all of the photos! I will need copies of some of them because they are so dang cute!

Bryce and Katie said...

Ali you're so cute! I love that green sweater you have on....where did you get it!?!?! Would you mind sending me those pics from the wedding? :) Love you!

Julie said...

I love it! There were some beautiful shots of me in there hey? SCARY!!! Anyways, can't wait to see you in a few weeks and so totally rock!!! Like Twee I will also need some copies of some of those cute cute pics.