Sunday, June 01, 2008

Crazy Week!

This week was kind of crazy for me at work. I normally get to go to my office and sit and answer emails and phone calls but this week I was asked to come to a sales presentation with a prospective client so they could meet me and know who would be there account manager if they chose us. I hate doing presentations and stuff because frankly I am not a salesman. I leave that up to my brother TJ. However, I do surprise myself and can be smart and confident when needed. I was with our VP over sales and he said I did a great job!! Always nice to hear!
The meeting was in Columbus, Ohio so I had to do a lot of traveling for a short meeting. However, I did get to see the Ohio State campus and ate at the "Buckeyes Hall of Fame Cafe". It was fun! I was also only about 6 hours away from Phil:) We were in the same time zone for a short time. Close yet so far!!
Speaking of Phil, I am one week away from seeing him!!! I love and miss him so much!


Lindsay said...

Crazy times for you! Good job on your presentation, sorry about the close, yet so far, that stinks! Only a week until you get to see him, yea!

Erin said...

That was a long trip for such a short meeting. Glad it went good though. Have fun next week!

Julie said...

So sorry you had to go to Ohio because you had to go and because its in the midwest!