Friday, July 11, 2008

Lieutenant Dan

Update on Phil:

He has been doing good overseas! It is very hot and he has not gone on any traveling missions but he is in good spirits. He is usually at watch over the General's quarters. Not very exciting but I like it that way because not much happens and I know he is safe. We are able to communicate everyday whether it be through email, his cell phone or webcam. Technology is great! I miss him very much but I just take it one day at a time and keep busy!!

Phil actually got to be on security detail for Lieutenant Dan (Gary Sinise) when he visited the troops. This is the picture. It makes me laugh because he is not looking at the camera nor is the other security guy. They were watching out for the bad guys!

I love you Phil!

As for other news I just recently moved into the Smith household!!! Has been good so far and it is fun to see the girls all the time!

I also attended the blessing of my nephew Daniel over July 4th weekend! I was feeling very patriotic (of course) due to my fiance and got to go see a fireworks show at an Air Force base. It was great fun! We also went to Newport Beach and In and Out Burger and all the fun stuff!!! The blessing was wonderful and Matt has an adorable baby! Good times for all!


Bryce and Katie said...

Your matching shirts are so cute :) It looks like you had a great time in Cali...makes me think of Cali a few years ago with your fam. So fun! I'm happy to hear Phil is doing ok as well. We keep him in our prayers. Love ya!

Lindsay said...

I love the Lieutenant Dan picture, Phil is so funny! Good times were had by all in California! Daniel is super cute! And we are glad to have you at our house!

The Burnett Family said...

Oh my gosh!! Do you remember me? I just found your blog through Christina. You look fantastic. It's so fun to reconnect through the internet after like 8 years. I love the blogging thing.
Check us out at
Great to see you again. Good luck on the upcoming wedding, congrats!!
LeeAnn (Terry) Burnett

Erin said...

I love lieutenant Dan! Have fun living with the Smiths - I bet you can't wait for Colton to finish the basement. Matt loved having his own floor when he was with them.

Julie said...

TJ was so not excited about Lt. Dan as I was. I don't think he listened when I told him!!! That is so cool. I think its funny too that they're not looking at the camera. Good times in Cali. It was good to see ya!

Christina said...

The Brinkerhoff girls are so beautiful! I love your pictures! It seems like it was just yesterday when we were roommates! I am so thrilled for you that you are engaged. I am sure the time is going slowly since Phil is gone . . . but hopefully you are keeping yourself busy!