Friday, April 22, 2011

We are having beautiful Baby Girl!!!!

Yesterday we found out whether we were having a girl or boy next summer!! It was so fun to watch the ultrasound looking at everything and seeing our baby! We asked the tech to please wait until Grandma LouLou got there before she told us what we are having. Everything is growing really well....and after much anticipation we found out we are having a baby girl! Here is a picture of her!

Of course I started crying tears of joy because it made everything so real! Phil pretended he was tough but got teary eyed too! LouLou and Phil had a hug and we kept on with the ultrasound! We love her so much already! We do have a name picked out but are choosing to keep that a surprise! Her middle name will be Lola after Grandma Wilson!
Phil is super excited and she already has him wrapped around her finger! Now he has two girls in his life he can't say no too! He will be such a great Dad!
A fun side note was when we finally saw the doctor she pointed out that our girl has long legs!! So surprising since her mother has no lack for legs!!


Lindsay said...

Oh so much fun! The girls are overtaking the family! I can't wait to see what that little munchkin looks like! I'm sure she will be beautiful!

Erin said...

Oh yay! I was certain we were going to balance out the girls in the family - But how cute right?