Monday, August 28, 2006

Kauai 2006!

Me and my friends Hayley, Amanda and Jeff all headed for Kauai on Aug. 18, 2006. Hayley parent's gave us their Marriot time share for the week. All in all the week was a blast despite a rough start when we found out Jeff's brother had passed away a couple days before we left. Jeff still came with us and made it back for the burial.

But on with Hawaii! The Marriot was under construction but was still a lovely place to stay. Here is a picture of the construction and the view from our room and a shot of the tower we stayed in.

It was all very lovely of course. I had been to Maui before with my parents and that island is great too, but Kauai is so beautiful and green everywhere you go. Most days were spent with Lava Flows and good reading by the pool. I also took the time to have a beachside massage for an hour and a half. It was phenomenal!!!

Amanda and I went to Waimea canyon which I guess is like the Grand Canyon but much greener. I have never seen the Grand Canyon so I have no idea. Here is me there!

If you can tell from the picture, my hair was really curly the whole trip! I felt like Monica on "Friends" It just kept getting bigger and bigger because of the humidity but I learned to love the humid air by the end and miss it here in Denver.

We also went up the NaPali coast which is gorgeous. Several movies have been filmed on these beaches and you can only access them by boat. Here is a picture of Amanda, Hayley and I in a cave on the NaPali coast.

So all in all I loved it! Amanda didn't get eaten by a shark even though there was a dead on on the beach at the Marriot. Sorry no picture of it!! And just to clarify Kapaa has two a's not three.

And not to leave out Jeff, here is the picture we got of him trying not to get his board shorts wet for whatever reason. Kind of girly if you ask me!


Lindsay said...

Looks like lots of fun! I feel you about the curly hair thing, as you know, I have the same problem. That picture of Jeff is really silly. At first I thought it was just a random shot of some guy that you added for laughs!

Julie said...

Ali! You are funny. Too bad only a select few will get you Kapaa joke. Hehehe. TJ will love it. I'm sorry about Jeff's brother but glad that he still went with you. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun and don't let me forget to tell you that you suck and I'm jelous! Just kidding. I'm glad you had a great time and good for you for the hour and a half massage! Are you suffering from PHD yet? (that would be Post Hawaii Depression) There is PVD (Post Vacation Depression) and then there is PHD which is in a category all by itself! Love ya!

Julie said...

One more thing. We just watched the Monica's hair episode of friends. Too funny! I'm glad you didn't get it braided and get stuck in the shower curtain singing "No Woman No Cry"

LouAnne said...

Very lovely - thanks for sharing! Hope to see more pictures soon. Kauai is a beautiful and I would love to go there again - maybe in another life!


Heather said...

Ali, Yeah for the blog! I am glad you are having so much fun!!! Looks like a great time in Hawaii!