Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I wanted Subway Real Bad!!!!

So last Tuesday, September 29th I decided to go to Subway for lunch. The plan was to buy a sandwich and go back to work to work through lunch. Little did I know that other plans were in store for me. I pulled into the parking spot right in front of the store and my foot slipped from the brake to the accelerator and my car went right into the Subway shop. I guess I didn't realize there wasn't a drive through.

Fortunately there were not customers where my car went into the building. However there were quite a few people in there. They were pretty stunned, as was I. The police and fire crew came immediately and asked if I had been drinking or on any medications that would have caused this. I can safely say I was not under the influence. I climbed out the back of my car because the fire squad needed to make sure the building was stable before pulling the car out.

I sat on the sidewalk in shock as many people stared at me and took pictures with their camera phones. The nice policeman finally let me come sit in his car and use his phone to make phone calls. I called work and three of my coworkers came to help and I called my mom who also came along with Lindsay and Madison.

They were able to pull the car out and there was a lot of cosmetic damage but still driveable. I will be getting it fixed in the next week or so.

As for the store it is still closed and should be open in about a week. I am hoping for the best and that they will not come after for all I am worth. My insurance should cover all of the property damage.

I figure I am in the best possible circumstances if this had to happen. I didn't hurt anyone and no one got hurt. I also can still drive my car until I take it in the shop. Count your many blessings!!!! Here are some pictures the day of the accident. Unfortunately we did not get one with the car inside the store.


Julie said...

The car doesn't look nearly as bad as what I pictured! I'm glad you're okay and good job for posting about it!

Lindsay said...

I am so happy! Nice re-telling of the story, it was awesome!

Heather said...

Your car looks pretty good for such trauma! It is pretty funny and I am so glad you can laugh about it. Mostly though I am glad you are okay and no one else got hurt either!!

Erin said...

I just have to tell you that your headline for this post was totally awesome! I was laughing so hard, especially since you were having fun with the re-telling of the event.