Monday, July 26, 2010


My family suggested I use this blog as more of a journal so I am going to start with that approach today!! This summer has been fairly uneventful, no big vacations or anything but Phil and I have enjoyed the weather and got our first grill which we we use quite frequently!
Although we have not gone on any trips yet I have made two visits to Texas for work. The first was to Dallas in June to visit American Airlines and today I did a day trip to Houston to visit Texas Children's Hospital. I am sure Texas is a great place if I got a chance to see it but I see the airports go visit a client and head back to the airport. I do know that I don't love the humidity. It is like walking into a wall when you go outside and even when you are inside everything feels damp. I guess I am a little to used the dry heat of Denver!
Today started out at 3am and I was back at 4pm Denver time. I didn't really need to be at a meeting in Houston but it always nice to meet face to face with your new clients! I sometimes go on these trips or have important meetings at work and I wonder how did I become a responsible adult who has to go out and impress clients. I am grateful for the job I have and all the opportunities it provides but sometimes wish I could spend the summer by the pool!!
I am hoping for more exciting travels in August to California and Utah to see family!


Lindsay said...

Nice work updating us on your life. I hate humidity!

Lindsay said...

Nice work updating us on your life! I hate humidity!

Leah Sannar said...

Hey, hey now sisters! Listen up, I live in Austin, and while Houston might be kind of a pit - Austin is beautiful and we could show you a great time if you came here! Alison - what do you do for work?