Saturday, September 11, 2010

Disneyland 2010!!

This August Phil and I decided to take a trip to southern California to visit Matt, Erin and Daniel and to also visit Disneyland!! Phil in all of his 30 years had never been to Disneyland so we thought it was time!

I went out a few days earlier than Phil to spend some much needed time relaxing before the big days of Disneyland!! I had a great time watching tv and eating!! I probably a little too much too eat since I am still trying to get rid of 5 pounds I gained! Poor Erin had a gall bladder attack but I got the opportunity to spend quality time with Daniel my first night there!! Daniel was so fun and would yell "ALI" really loud if I was not in sight!! The boy is always running and it sooo cute. I love his big brown eyes!!

Phil showed up on Wednesday to begin the Disneyland fun on Thursday! I was afraid that he would think it was lame but he loved all of it! We spent Thursday on the rides that Daniel could go on, even going on the Small World ride which is one of Matt's favorites. The lines were great, we only had to wait the longest may 30 minutes...we only fast passed one ride!! It is the happiest place on Earth and we hope to run the 1/2 marathon there September 2011!!