Sunday, January 30, 2011

We're Pregnant and Christmas!!

Two weeks before Christmas Phil and I found we are expecting our first baby!! We were super excited and anxious to tell everyone but thought it would be the most fun to wait and announce the news on Christmas Day! It was tough to keep the fun secret....especially when the Brinks were over for dinner and Papa asked why we had pink and blue frosting and did we have something to announce?? The frosting was just a coincidence but we had to play it off!
We decided we were going to create a card for each of our families and have them opened on Christmas Day! These are the pictures included on the card...

We were successful in keeping the secret from family until right before the Christmas chaos began....we saw this really small stocking next to ours and thought someone had figured it out. Matt saw us talking about it and put two and two together. Come to find out the stocking was going to be used for Savannah but it was great that Matt new so he could videotape when Papa and LouLou opened the card.

It was a fantastic Christmas morning and was so fun to share the news!! After the presents Phil and I headed to Castle Rock for a lovely Christmas dinner with the Thompsons! We were again excited to share the news with loved ones! Dad opened the card but it took him some time to figure out what was on the card! Cheryl figured it out immediately and started jumping up and down!

It was such a great day and we are extremely excited to welcome our baby next August! We know with both of our great families our baby will be very loved!


Lindsay said...

The card in the huge box was way fun! Congrats, we can't wait to meet the new little one!

Erin said...

We're so excited for you! It was a way fun surprise to wait until Christmas. Good job on that one.

Julie said...

Such a cute, clever way to announce your fun news. It was funny, the other day I was with my mom and she asked how you were doing and when you were gonna have a baby! Apparently I hadn't told her you were preggers, so Janet says CONGRATS!