Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010!

For Thanksgiving this year, we decided to stay in Denver and spend a quiet Thanksgiving with Papa, LouLou, Josh and Taylor!! We had a great time watching football and eating, eating and eating! I headed over Thursday morning and provide lemon jello, deviled eggs, 7-layer dip to fill our tummies! I enjoyed watching the Macy's Day parade and taking some time to rest after a busy week of work! Phil drove down that morning and made it in time for a delicious feast! Here are some pictures to enjoy from that day!


Lindsay said...

Mmmmm, lots of good food! Thanksgiving is so fun, I love to just chill.

Erin said...

How fun! And relaxing - probably much more than all the running around you guys did last year!!!

Julie said...

Sometimes quiet holiday's are the best! Our Thanksgiving was awesome this year!!!!!! Not that we didn't miss everyone of course, but it was so relaxing!