Friday, July 15, 2011

Utah Valley Marathon

Last October when Lindsay, Julie, Phil and I were running the Denver relay and Denver half marathon we decided to run the Utah Valley Marathon after seeing a booth at the Denver race expo. I signed Phil and I up for the full marathon as an anniversary present. Julie and Lindsay followed by signing up shortly thereafter. Phil and I knew I might not be able to run it if I got pregnant but knew I could defer my registration to 2012 if needed. We were right, I was pregnant by December and the race was out for me.

In February, Phil started out on his marathon training! There were many ups and downs and it was harder because he didn't have me or his friend Justin as a running buddy. Fortunately, Phil and Uncle John were able to get a few long runs into together! Phil was really discouraged towards the end of training and didn't feel like he was doing very well but after some motivation from Julie and I he was determined to do the race!!

We arrived in Utah on Friday afternoon and had a yummy carb-loading dinner with Julie, Lindsay, Adam, John and some of Lindsay and Julie's friends who were also running the race to get prepared!

They all spent the night at the Marriott and woke up very early to head up the mountain for the race.

The support team headed over to the race around 8:30 to make sure we were there in time for the big finish. We just didn't know who would finish first and how fast so we were there in plenty of time! We enjoyed watching all the runners come in and had much anticipation waiting for our runners! First Adam came in at about 4 hours. He did a great job!

Than we waited a bit more and suddenly I got a text from Marilee saying the Julie's dad had seen Phil and was headed to the finish! He finished just under 5 hours official time. I was so proud of him!! John finished about 2 minutes after that and than Julie and than Lindsay finished it out! They were all fairly close together! We were concerned about Lindsay because Julie said she had a foot issue possibly a stress fracture:( but she finished like a trooper!

I was so proud of all of them and am excited to get to try it out next year! It will be motivation to get back in shape after the baby comes!

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

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Lindsay said...

Oh it was all so much fun, hurty foot and all! Phil was all worried about bringing up the rear. But have no fear, I took that spot away from him! I am so proud of Phil especially since he was feeling so discouraged during his training. It was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again next year, with you!