Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Baby Nursery!!

We have been greatly anticipating this baby girl for some time but now it is time to get everything in order for the big day! We have been slowly cleaning out the guest room so it could become a nursery!

We purchased a crib, diaper table and glider and finished setting it all up in June. We still had a few things to take care of and we kept trying but we couldn't get it done!

Than I had a fabulous shower thrown by my sisters Lindsay, Julie and Erin on July 6th and got more baby stuff that we needed to find a home for! This past weekend I also went shopping to picke up some remaining items!

Phil and I kept meaning to work on the room each evening but we had other things we had to take care of first. So on Wednesday I came home for lunch and again we discussed that we wanted to get the room finished! To my surprise when I got home from work Phil had completely taken care of the room! He had even put the bedding in the crib and put things on the changing table and cleaned it. It was the best present ever! I love walking by and looking at it and am very excited to have a baby who lives in that room! Thank you so much Phil!! I love you!

The little outfit in the crib is what we plan on bringing her home in with a cute little yellow bow that I got from Erin at my shower!

I am also planning to get butterfly decals to decorate the walls with this weekend!!


Lindsay said...

So super duper cute! What a fantastic job of Phil to take on that project alone! Great work!

Lou Anne said...

Very cute! I can't wait for a baby to be living in that room too!!

Erin said...

Way to go Phil!