Sunday, November 07, 2010

Grandpa Wilson's 90th Birthday

After our fun trip to Disneyland we came home for a few days and than headed to Utah! Grandpa Elgie Wilson was celebrating his 90th birthday and we wanted to be there for the big party!
We arrived late on a Thursday and went and stayed at Lindsay and Colton's so we could see the Smith's and Brinkerhoff's on Friday! It was fun to see the cute kiddos and have Football eve by watching "Remember the Titans" in the new movie room at the Brinkerhoff's!!
Saturday we headed up to Roy, Utah to visit with the Wilson side of the family. We met up with Michelle at Mama Thompson's grave and than headed for a yummy lunch! It was quite the big crew with all of the kids but it was fun to visit and spend time with them! We than headed over to the church gym to see if we could help with anything! It was fun to see all of the old photos and Army uniform of Grandpa's. It was also fun to meet new family members and get to know them. Grandma Lola also gave a really nice gift of a beautiful photo of Sharon before she got married!
After the fun party, we headed back to the Wilson home to ride horses with Diane and Leon! It was such a good time to be there and learn so much about them!


Lindsay said...

Fun little trip to UT! I always find it fun to learn about old family members. We loved having you here, come again soon!

Erin said...

Busy busy with all your little trips! Sounds like a fun time though