Sunday, November 07, 2010


So on the unfortunate side of life, I have had to say far too many goodbyes the last couple of months for my liking! First, the Smith's left to move to Utah for Colton's new job! That was very tough as we had loved have them and their little girls so close by!! We miss them all the time!
Than my friend Sharalyn got a great job in Los Angeles and headed that direction the end of September! For the past 4 years Sharalyn, Jeff and I had gotten together on almost every Thursday to watch The Office and Grey's Anatomy and to meet up with each other! It was the end of an era to have her leave and thus our "Finer Things Club" has ended. All good things must come to end I suppose! Here is a picture of the FTC at Sharalyn's goodbye party!

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Lindsay said...

Goodbyes suck!